What’s Next After Smartphones? Smart Shoes It Is!

What’s Next After Smartphones? Smart Shoes It Is!

For thousand years people have been covering their feet in order to tread comfortably. There have been several developments in shoes and today we see them as an important fashion article and an integral element of one’s outfit. The types of shoes one wears often reflect, to some extent, one’s personality; shoes can depict glamour, elegance and what not.

Along with fashion footwear, casual or athletic shoes have also gained huge market over the past few years. The overall shoe market is on the rise as consumers are getting more and more aware about their outlook and latest fashion trends.

But has anyone ever envisaged even the concept of SMART SHOES? Well, Apple Inc. has! With technology everything is getting modernized but the concept of a smart shoe is a real taboo, at least for now.

According to Apple, the new smart shoes will have sensors embedded in the sole or heel and these sensors will be able to track the activity and translate it into “timed unit of use.” These sensors will then alert the user when it is time to replace them by giving a beep or flashing a light. However, Apple smart shoes only include sneakers or running shoes and not any kind of fashion footwear.

What is even more interesting is how the shoes will be charged; although the company has presented the idea of a built in battery, it is more inclined towards installing generators that would use the actual motion to charge the shoes. That means your smart shoes are smart enough to charge themselves while you walk or run.

Although nobody knows yet if the smart sneakers will come to market, the idea for sure is an innovative excellence. Moreover, any progress in apparels or shoes embedded with trackers and processors can be of serious concern to consumer electronics manufacturers.

Nevertheless, the smart shoes concept can really stir the footwear market and consumer interest, especially the athletes who look forward to such devices which can measure their activity perfectly.

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