Tips To Click Fab Pictures From Your iPhone

Tips To Click Fab Pictures From Your iPhone

As a parent we love to capture every moment of our kids childhood. And this is now possible as you no longer need expensive photography tools and equipment to capture printable art. All thanks to the smartphones that we use. Today almost all phones have good lenses, improved technology and useful apps which assures good quality pictures. There is no doubt that story and subject makes photography special, but there are few tips if remembered can help you capture beautiful moments and add visual interest to the photographs. Some of the tips are listed below for your use:

Use negative space: You have always focused on centering the subject and make everything symmetrical, but be little experimental. Leave a wide area of ‘negative space’ to create artsy shots. Try to creatively position kids in your shots and not just centering them.

Use top angle: Next time you click a picture of your kid engaged in certain activities, click from the top angle. It will help you tell a different story as there are several elements that show up in the overhead shots that would not have been visible in the otherwise eye-level shots.

Look for perfect backdrops: After clicking few pictures, you will develop an eye for finding good backdrops amid hundreds of everyday life scenes. A photograph with colorful or textured backdrop is more appealing. Some of the timeless backdrops are repeated texture walls, colorful graffiti and patterned wallpaper. Other are retro signs in a mall or a stack of firewood.

Know when to step back: Detailed shots and close-ups are great, but at times it is important to to step back and capture an entire scene. It will definitely tell a better story. Take several steps back and capture the environment to give the picture a newer angle. In most cases wide angle shots are more interesting and there is a story element.

Prefer light contrasts: There is no doubt that it is best to go to the light when you want to click a picture, but you may be able to capture a lot of good photographs if you play with light slivers and shadows. To click stunning pictures  create a contrast of dark against bright light. Here the subject in the photograph will surely shine and a spotlight is created.

Silhouette shot: One sure shot way of creating timeless images is by taking silhouette shots. The secret to get the right silhouette is perfect lighting. If you have an iPhone, then tap on the screen at different places outside of the subject to get the right camera exposure in the background. You can ask your kids to dance, jump or troll to capture motion against the light.

Don’t include everything: It is not important to include everything in one shot to get a beautiful picture. It is good to experiment a little with capturing only a small part of the subject-feet or face or hands or shoes or may the edge of the coffee mug. It is at times good to leave certain things to the imagination of the viewers.

Look for interesting elements: It is suggested to look for patterns and colors and stuff that is extraordinary and include them in the photograph. All these elements are surely treat for the visual senses. Anything that gives a picture a visual boost must be included.

Editing app: Phone cameras have their set of limitations, but you can overcome them by using the right photo editing applications. These apps allow you to adjust brightness, exposure, hues, colors, shadows, contrast and clarity. There are some apps that even of include self-timer application and artistic filters. Some of the must-have photo edit apps are PicTapGo, InstaGram, Camera+ and Afterlight.

Think out-of-the-box: There is no doubt that parents love to capture kids childhood elements but there is much more to ids photography. Try and capture the wonders of childhood. Wondering what does that mean? Capture the little one twirling the skirt, skipping the rope, blowing bubbles, dancing with the shadows, colors all over the hands and t-shirt.

Just let your photographs represent everything that makes you feel happy and what you think define your child the best.

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