Sci-Fi Technologies That Will Soon Be On Your Cell Phone

Sci-Fi Technologies That Will Soon Be On Your Cell Phone

Now, if by any chance a time traveler from the 1950’s shows up on your door step, the only thing you may have to do to impress them is to simply show off your cell phone. These little technological marvels are so ubiquitous that we end up taking them for granted. And, if by any chance you get to travel 10 or 15 years into the future, you must get a glimpse of the evolution of the cell phone, some of which may seem impossible, but here’s the truth. They’re actually possible even today. So, let’s take a look at these technological marvels that will soon be on our cell phones, like:

Holographic Displays

Let’s be honest here, shall we. In spite of all the advancements in technology, and a slew of amazing applications, we’re still waiting for the day that the iPhone somehow plays 3D images, just like R2-D2. Apparently, many mobile manufacturers feel the same way. In fact, in Japan they’re already working on phones that can generate 3D displays. Although it may be just an illusion of a holographic image, many companies are taking this concept quite seriously. The only problem is they can’t really figure out an application that would generate money.

What about this new found display, known as…

Augmented Reality

You know video games that have an overhead display that tells you pretty much everything, like how much money you have, and it shows you the map, what your life bar is like and so on. Wouldn’t it be amazing if your cell phone told you all of that? Such as how much money you have in your bank account, where you’re going, or which convenient store has the cheapest gas.

Well, guess what? They’re working on it. This type of technology is known as “augmented reality”, although you can see some tidbits of it at work such as, you can find out what places are restaurants, or what place is up for rent simply by pointing your phone at your surroundings, but there’s more to come.

Well, the next step for cell phone manufacturers is to make…

Flexible Phones

Cell phones have come a really long way from being chunky huge pieces used by the villains in the 90’s, but apparently cell phone manufacturers didn’t want to stop at making cell phones smaller and sleeker, they’ve decided to make them indestructibly more flexible.

Yes! You read right! Cell phone manufacturers are coming up with new concepts where phones are so flexible you can wear them across your wrist, such as the Nokia 888 concept phone. Although, it’s mostly theoretical, they’re making huge strides to make it functional.

So, there it is. Sci-fi technologies that will, most probably, soon be present in your cell phone. All you have to do now is keep a look out for mysterious time travelers.

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