How to Choose the Right e-book for your kids?

How to Choose the Right e-book for your kids?

There is no doubt to the fact that the current generation belongs to iPad and Kindles. Kids as young as three know how to operate these devices and play games. As a parent you would certainly want them to stay away from playing games and put the devices to a better use. The best way is to get them hooked to e-books. But most parents make the wrong choice and end up wasting their money. Choosing the right e-books for your kids is not an easy job and you should keep several points in mind while you browse the app stores for perfect e-book for your kids:

Perfect for age and suits interest: Keep in mind the preferences of your child while selecting e-books for them. Small children usually love fairy tales and fantasies. This is also a great way to help your child learn classic stories. Keep on increasing the level of books with the age of your child.

Stimulate senses: There are several e-books that come with a touch screen feature. These books work well in making the child identify sounds or access meanings of words or even small exercises during the story itself.

Interact: Interactive e-books have the ability to stimulate the visual and audible senses of the child by making him a part of the story itself. Talk to him about the characters and the story line. This will boost the memory of the child and make the reading more pleasurable.

You can easily search for a perfect e-book from numerous books present on the app stores either free or for a little fee. A good e-book will not only entertain your child but will also instill the habit of reading, helping him develop a vocabulary and that too at a very early age. Another point that works in favor of e-books is that they are a lot cheaper than traditional books.

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