How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Enhance Human Capabilities

How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Enhance Human Capabilities

Artificial Intelligence(AI) has certainly taken a big leap in the mainstream since the last decade making way in our daily lives and the things we do. As per a market research conducted by Markets and Markets, it is estimated that the AI market is set to grow by almost 5.5 billion by the year 2020. In this post we look at two concrete ways AI is helping enhance human capabilities:

1. Improving Cancer Diagnosis:
Artificial Intelligence is all set to help the medical industry in the coming years. It will become much easier to get biopsy results and AI will help accelerate the diagnosis and treatment process. Intel is already working with the healthcare industry and has plans to develop a one-day precision machine for cancer patients. The aim is to make genomic healthcare available to everyone by the year 2020 and help make cancer a more manageable disease than what it is today. Doctors will now be able to swiftly understand the root causes of cancer and help accelerate lifesaving discoveries for individual conditions.

2. Keeping our kids safe:
The advent of the internet may certainly have been a boon for humankind but it’s also an unforgiving place to step in. Online exploitation is one of the biggest problems of today’s time and standing victim to it are our children. As per a report by the National Center for Missing And Exploited Children(NCMEC), its Cyber Tipline received close to 8.2 million reports in connection with online enticement, molestation, abusive images etc. AI looks to help in this endeavor and the organization is already working on ways to reduce the standard 30 days’ time to handle a report and cut this short to just a day or two.

AI will help automate and speed up the process of scanning sites for suspicious content and run a mass volume of data, run queries and share that across NCMEC’s applications all within a short time span of just one or two days. This will prove beneficial for law enforcement agencies and government agencies to take swift and prompt actions on cases of child molestation and harassment.

AI certainly holds a place for itself in enhancing human capabilities and positive steps are already being taken in the right direction to utilize the capabilities of AI in effective ways.

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