6 Fake Viral Stories that Broke the Internet

6 Fake Viral Stories that Broke the Internet

While some might think it’s very difficult to make a story go viral, we say it’s really not that difficult. All you have to do is find an extremely odd story that nobody has heard before, but at the same time it should be so intriguing that people want to immediately share it with others.

But, what happens when you cannot find an original story like that? Well, you create one. In fact, most of the stories that go viral on the internet are fake, and instead of researching for facts, we directly share.

So here are some of the fake viral stories shared extensively on social media:

Kurt Cobain’s death investigation

We are sure you must have read about how the Kurt Cobain death investigation was going to be opened because some new photos had come into light. The story went viral on the internet, it was trending on Facebook, and was picked up by news sources like Radar Online, E News and Fox News.

But we are sure you never heard anything after that, and that is because the story was false. There were new photos found but they were just pictures from the same crime scene taken from a different angle. A local news channel sensationalized this small news so much that it got picked up by international media as well.

iPhone 5 was supposed to have a hologram projection

This news came years ago when a video of the soon to be launched iPhone 5 surfaced online. And it did not just promise a bigger screen – it promised a laser keyboard and holographic projection. Of course, that wasn’t true. Even the iPhone 6s cannot do that, but that did not stop the news channels from reporting it.

In the end, it turned out that the video was created by an animation studio that wanted to show off their CGI skills.

Red heads are going extinct because of climate change

Red heads or ginger heads are not very common in the world. Their ancestors descended from Europe and they have slowly spread across the globe. But a recent news report claimed that because of the increasing temperature in Scotland and Eastern Europe, red heads won’t be able to stand the temperature and they will all eventually die.

First of all, that sounds extremely sad and pathetic, and secondly it’s completely false. People get red coloured hair due to a recessive gene. You might not have red hair, but you might carry a gene for it which means that even though you and your partner don’t have red hair, you kid could be a red head if someone in your family had it. For instance, Prince Harry is a red head and Prince William is not, but there are chances that Prince William has the redhead recessive gene as well.

Climate change was also going to extinct Guacamole

Another thing climate change was blamed for, and it was all because media didn’t think of cross-checking the news sources. A spokesperson from Chipotle talked about the shortage of avocado’s because of draught, which would also mean a shortage of Guacamole.

But the only reason they talked about this was because Chipotle was planning to up the prices of Guacamole and in no way did they say there was going to be a complete extinction.

White House isn’t banning selfies any time soon

After Obama took a surprising selfie with Red Sox player David Ortiz, the internet went crazy over it. We should remind you that this was in 2014 and selfie were the absolute new thing then. A few days later it was reported that Ortiz used a Samsung phone to take a selfie and he was actually advertising the phone.

Right after that, the news sources started reporting that selfies were going to be banned by the White House because of this incident. But it turns out, Obama is still taking selfies.

Cotton Ball Diet isn’t a thing

In November 2013, a video emerged on YouTube which showed two girls trying on a ‘cotton ball’ diet. And yes, that is exactly what it sounds. According to this diet, you are supposed to dip cotton balls in juices and just eat them. Seriously!

Of course everyone knew this was stupid but instead of not paying attention to it, outlets like ABC News and even the TIME started talking about it, to bring even more attention to this issue. Instead of interviewing the girls who made this video, news reporters were interviewing dietician to ask them if eating cotton was unhealthy. Well, of course it was unhealthy and nobody had any doubts about it.

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