3 Ways Technology Might Change Fashion

3 Ways Technology Might Change Fashion

Fashion has always moved fast, but technology has flipped it on its pretty little head. Millennials demand different, and the fashion industry has looked to react as best as it can. One popular strategy implemented by fashion giants is to avail reduced prices; the best example being Discounts for Joules. We shop differently than we used to, millennials demand different, and the fashion industry has looked to react as best it can. More of us are shopping online from our mobile phones, Facebook has shops, retailers are using Snapchat to grab the attention of their customers. It’s only the beginning of the changes, though, there are certainly other ways you can expect technology to change fashion.

1. Solar Fashion

Solar is big right now, so it’s only right that it begins to extend to the fashion that we wear. Imagine being able to recharge your smartphone and other devices thanks to the energy your clothing has stored? Well, it could soon be a reality. There have been attempts with a bikini, necklace, and a handbag – but, none of them have hit the mainstream yet. That doesn’t mean they won’t, so keep your eyes peeled.

2. Recycled Goods

Millennials care about the environment more than any other generation that has come before, so companies that use sustainable materials to create their goods are popular. That can include the fashion world. In fact, there’s a group who use old inner tubes to create clothing. Prices will increase as resources become more scarce, this is one amazing way that fashion designers and manufacturers can take advantage of technology.

Another environmental aspect that fashion designers may jump on is the responsive clothing. Using LED lights and systems to track pollution in the air. The lights change colors when the air quality shifts.

3. 3D Printers

It’s amazing what 3D printers can do, it truly is. So, don’t be surprised if you see 3D purses and shoes landing on the shelves of your favorite retail store. There have been plenty of experiments over the years, but nothing has gained steam in the mainstream just yet.

Still, it’s inevitable that 3D printed fashion is going to become a major trend at some point. After all, no one expected scrunchies to come back around yet 2018 is set to be their big comeback.

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